We are Tir na nÓg Natural Skincare

Welcome to our website where we sell our Traditional Handmade Skincare products that are 100% Natural. Tir na nÓg literally translates to the “Land of the Youth” in Irish Folklore, a land that know’s no sorrows and where no one ever ages. Sadly our products can not cure ageing, but they can help to nourish the skin with our wonderful selection of hand picked essential oils such as frankincense and ylang ylang which can be found in our Anti-Ageing Cream, which are natural anti ageing oils and will make your skin look and feel so youthful.

Coming from a Reflexology and Aromatherapy background, we wanted to make products that would bring us back to grassroots manufacturing, with everything being wholesome and natural. All our Ingredients are 100% Natural and and contain only the very best thickeners, emulsifiers and essential oils, making sure that they benefit you in every way possible,

Far to many of today’s generic off the shelf products from cosmetic companies contain an array of synthetic thickeners and emulsifiers and artificial fragrances. Whilst  these synthetic ingredients might feel nice on your skin, they don’t provide any nutritional benefits to your skin and actually lessen the potency of the active ingredients in the product. 

Our Inspiration

Jodie Stack, Holistic Therapist, and founder of Tir na nÓg Natural Skincare found that the majority of skincare products on the open market were of a lesser quality, and provided no major benefit to the men and women who were using these products. She then set out to make her own creams, primarily because of her own allergies as she discovered that she was allergic to most off the shelf products, and they provide next to no benefits for using the products.

As an certified Aromatherapist, she created her own Hand, Body and Face creams, and seeing first hand the benefits of using 100% Natural ingredients, this quickly spread to her clients and friends who wanted these same results from using her creams and thus, Tir na nÓg Natural Skincare was born.